Here is a bit of background info about Harv PC Solutions.

We are proud of the services we offer and the positive feedback of our customers, and we would like to share that with the world!.

Located in the South Eastern suburb of Wheelers Hill, Harv PC Solutions was started with the belief that using a computer should be an easy and relatively enjoyable experience. However, this is not always the case and thus Harv PC Solutions was started with the mission of providing computer services to everyday users whilst doing the following:

» Keep it simple
» Keep it affordable

When you request a technician from Harv PC Solutions to service your computer, you will encounter someone who knows how frustrating computer technology can be. So we don't judge or criticize the computer owner or user. Rather, we seek to understand your needs and what you expect of your computer and tailor our solutions to you.

» Advice

The technicians at Harv PC Solutions welcome any inquiry related to computer troubleshooting and are happy to answer your queries and endeavour to provide you with simple yet effective methods of managing your computer. Simply send our technicians your query via the contact form.

» Repairs

Computers are no different to other electronic devices - over time the various components wear out or just simply cease to work. Our technicians are qualified and experienced diagnosticians when it comes to computers and will provide you with a simple yet detailed report of the problem and the most cost effective method to get your computer up and running again. If our technician is unable to diagnose and thus fix the problem with your computer, remember, no fix = no fee.

» Servicing

Our technicians are specialists in providing the following services:

» Spyware, malware and virus removal and prevention
» Data/Disaster recovery
» Home and office networking and wireless networking
» On-site support and training

» Upgrades and Sales

Before you decide to buy a shiny brand new computer or laptop from a computer or technology store, contact Harv PC Solutions and we can help you put together a brand new system and or even upgrade your existing computer without the overinflated prices and marketing hype. As technicians we know what hardware and software we install into all the systems we build and only use high quality components which will provide reliable service for years to come.

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