Here is a list of all the services we offer. If you need help, contact Harv PC Solutions.

Our services are not limited to what is listed, these are just the main services offered. If you have an IT issue that is not mentioned, contact us using the contact page outlining your specific issue. We'll get back to you with an answer specific to your issue.

Viruses, malware, and spyware are a serious threat to your privacy and your computer's functioning. If your computer is not protected by anti-virus or security software suite then it is only a matter of time before your computer gets infected.

Things to look out for :

» Slower than normal booting up
» Noticeably slow to run applications and software
» Boxes and banners popping up from unknown services or software
» Being redirected to a website asking for your banking details or not being able to connect to the internet at all

If you suspect you have an infection then don’t delay, call us!

Let's face it - there is almost nothing worse than losing personal or business related data on your computer. Computers make it so easy to record and store data such as documents, pictures, movies, and music but unfortunately nothing is full proof - computers can lose data in the following circumstances:

» Electrical/power surges and spikes can damage your computer by shutting down your computer abrubtly and damaging the hard disk containing data
» Accidently deleting your files
» Hard disk damage as a result of physical trauma to the computer or laptop (e.g. dropped on a hard floor, damage from liquid spills, etc.)
» Hardware failure such as a faulty hard disk drive or USB flash stick

In many circumstances, data can be retrieved or salvaged and mirrored onto a new and healthy storage medium (CDs,DVDs, Hard disk drives). However, data recovery can be difficult and time consuming and results cannot be guaranteed. Before seeking the services of an expensive data recovery specialist, call Harv PC Solutions on 0414 899 927 and we will give you an straight forward assement of the situation and if possible retrieve your data at minimal costs. And remember: NO FIX = NO FEE

Networking your home or office computer systems allows you to realise the advantages and convenience of sharing data file, internet connection and devices such as printers and copiers. Technology manufacturers make it easy for the average consumer to create a network setup but often it is easier when you have someone to guide you through process or just simply do if for you.

Harv PC Solutions can help you with the following:

» Create a simple network within your home or business between your computer, laptop, printer, and fax
» Enable you share files and printers between multiple computers
» Configure your internet connection so multiple users can connect and use surf the internet simultaneously
» Setup a wireless connection so you can move around your home or office freely with your laptop and be connected to the internet without messy network cables to tie you down to fixed location
» Just signed up with an internet service provider? You’ve got all the hardware but not really sure how it is supposed to be connected? We can setup your cable, DSL, and ISDN connections at minimal costs to you!

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